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Full Version: Running from Guns
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I dreamt last night that I was at an event dinner with my mother (a younger version of her), a good friend (who I don't know in waking life), at what felt like a wedding dinner or celebration of some kind.  While everyone is laughing and eating the place is stormed by armed soldiers (well, people wearing fatigues, don't know if there were real soldiers).  They made us all line up in this long snaking line holding hands; my mother was at one side of the room but my friend and I wound up together near a door.  I put my finger to my lips and joined the hands of the people on one side of me and the other my friend and whispered we'll get help then we snuck out the door.  We could hear gunfire.  We ran for what seemed forever out of the city onto a rural highway in the woods.   As we ran a van came up behind us and we dove into the ditch.  The van pulled over and a woman stood up in the door and waved us over telling us to come quickly there's people with guns behind her.  We jumped in, very thankful.  

The woman had no idea what was going on either so she figured the best thing to do was to get out of the city and go what she hoped was far enough away until she could find out what was going on.  Then we got to a small town and thought maybe we were safe here.  Then a couple of car came up beside us.  Our driver told us to get down and the windows got sprayed with bullets.  The van crashed into a tree and my friend and I ran out the side door not looking behind us, hoping our driver was alright.  

We ran until we came to what looked like a private school.  We stopped there and warned the people there was something going on, there were people with guns in the streets and we didn't know why.  The people there just looked at us like we were crazy then we could hear gunshots in the street outside.  My friend and I were thinking of ways to leave when they came in the front door - we were in a hallway going towards the bathroom so we kept going and came to a small room with a couch, an arm chair, and a coffee table.  There was a small grey kitten lying on top of the back of couch watching us.  We closed the door and looked frantically for a place to hide.  We pulled the couch out a bit from the wall and snuck behind it, hoping we wouldn't be seen if they came in the room.  I woke up as the door to the room was opened.

No intention set.  I used to have recurring dreams of being chased; those went on for years.  I haven't had one in a long time.  This one was unusual for me because it isn't me being chased, it's me trying to stay one step ahead of something awful and the awful thing isn't specifically looking for me, it's me being in a bad place at the wrong time.
Thanks for posting this dreamcat. This sounds like a scary and exhausting dream.
(06-10-2017, 11:44 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for posting this dreamcat. This sounds like a scary and exhausting dream.

Yes, one of my movie dreams. I get a lot of those. I've written short stories and even a novel based on complicated dreams like these.
Thanks for posting Dreamcat. I read this before posting my dreams from last night. I too dreamed about a wedding.