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Full Version: Wedding in London dream, 6.11.17, am
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Start of dream. I am in London with a few people and make a comment, if I were to live here I would need to learn the subway system. Next i am walking on a street looking at public transportation signs. I make the comment that London is nice to visit but not to live here on a permanent basis.

Next I am walking into a wedding venue. The bride is not British and the groom is British. Everything is very beautiful with lots of flowers and food.

Toward the end of the reception I find myself walking through some of the other rooms. I am looking for the people I came with. I am in a short hallway and notice how tall the doors are and ornate and think how beautiful everything is.
I open the door, see a small bed and think, oops wrong room this is Princess Charlotte's room. I close the door and try another door and someone is sleeping in that room also.

I finally find the right room. We talk for a bit about the wedding. Someone jokeing asks me, still want to live here? I smile saying, only if I can live in this place. End of dream.