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Full Version: Beach Dream, 6/16/17
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This dream is bugging me because I don't know where it came from. No day residue.

Start of dream. I am with a group of people I know. We are talking about the office beach party we are attending and talk about what dish we will bring. It is a pot luck kind of party. We all pick up our dishes and head out to the party. I find myself in a building with a large kitchen. I hear someone say, if your dish needs to stay cool you can out it in one of the refrigerators. We walk out of the building and find ourselves on a huge covered pavilion, blue in color. The floor is sand, there are chairs scattered about and there is a nice breeze. Someone makes a comment about it being too hot and someone else says, no I think the breeze will make it cooler.

I look out ahead of us and see a beach with chairs and a few trees. I also see a lot of activity in and near the water. For the company beach party the company hired a lot of different water related adult size toys. There was equipment for scuba diving, snorkeling, different styles of boats, boards of different styles, fun jump on the water, jet skies, water jet pack and para sailing. I thought, I wasn't sure I was going to stay for this party and now I want to stay and play for a while. This will be a fun day. End of dream.