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Full Version: Demon dreams
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For the last four nights and even during a nap today, I've had a series of dreams involving a demon. The dreams all have the same demon, in a human form and dressed in the style of Gary Oldman in the movie "Dracula" and with the affect of Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow. I kid you not. It's really bizarre. I don't really remember many details but it's like I've been assigned to this demon as he bops around, like a tourist seeing the sights, really. My job, it seems, is to ride herd on him and answer his questions about this world. I'm aware that for all his behaviors and affectations, he's actually quite powerful. I'm not afraid of him but I'm careful with my words and treat him with respect, mainly because I know he can fry me with a flick of his hand and I rather like being un-fried. In return, he treats me politely and with a measure of affection in the sense that he thinks I'm "cute," not unlike how one might think of a kitten.

One dream had another demon, one that presented as a female, who showed up to challenge "my" demon-I always referred to him as "sir," for lack of any other way to refer to him-and me trying to keep them from having their power struggle on the streets of the city. He tells me he appreciates my concerns but he cannot allow this challenge to pass unanswered. All about appearances, he tells me, and he cannot appear weak or then he'll have to deal with every little low-level pissant(his word) who sees him as a means to more power. I try to convince the female it's a really bad idea to challenge the demon but she doesn't listen. To her, I'm nothing more than a useless human. Okay, alrighty then. The best I can manage is to get him to agree not to battle it out in public, to keep the fight short and sweet. He laughs, pats me on the head, and tells me not to worry about it, that he's been taking care of these little annoyances longer than humans have existed.

The nap dream seemed to take place after a period of time. He wasn't happy that I had disappeared and was quite short with me. I had no idea that any time had elapsed so I did this thing where it was like rewinding a tape back to an earlier part of the movie so I could see what had happened while I was gone. Mainly, he was on his own and he didn't know what to do. He didn't like feeling helpless and was so not a happy camper with me. I kept my mouth shut and my head down, literally and figuratively, while he expressed his unhappiness with me. Then he took me to show me something that had appeared while I was gone. He leads me to a grassy area, like someone's front lawn, and there, in the middle, in a circle of dead grass, was a Bible with a yellow leather cover. He pokes it with his walking stick and wants me to explain this to him. I have no idea what he's after so I just say it's a Bible. He shoots me an annoyed look over his little glasses and tells me he knows that and what he wants to know is why it's there and who put it there. I ask him if it bothers him. He laughs like I just told him the funniest joke ever. Then he picks up the Bible, holds it up to me, and informs me that no, it doesn't bother him nor does it offend him. In fact, he says, it has no power over him despite what the storytellers would have people believe. I tell him I have no idea where it came from nor what he expects me to do about it. He tosses the Bible back to the ground, turns, and announces he's ready to go shopping, oh, and do try to keep up, okay?

A random note: As bizarre as these dreams have been, I get the feeling that being assigned to a demon, especially one as powerful as this one, was part of some sort of training for me. I need to sit with this, to meditate on this, and see what I can discover. But I wonder if I'll have more of these demon dreams and how they'll play out.
Very interesting. Just last night I ran across an article by Sean Casteel about Paul Eno (who apparently used to help Ed and Lorraine Warren) and Paul Eno said that eventually quit helping the Warrens because he felt their methods were too grounded in religious ceremony, and not very effective. That he would have more power exorcising a demon with a joke book. Now, I'm not sure if he was joking or not, but the Bible in the burned grass circle seemed to have the same connotations. Your demon said it didn't affect him and picked it up to prove it. Although I'm sure you're wondering why your Demon was initially bothered by it, and why he didn't know what to do.

I'll search for the link and post it.