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Full Version: Alien monsters/Underground facility dream, 6.26.17, am
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Last night was one exhausting night with the same dream lasting all night long. I woke a few times during the night and went back to where the dream ended when I woke up. Did not want to get into details because it would be way too much to document, so this is the short version.

Start of dream. Feels like I am in a Sci-fi movie. I am in what looks like a war zone area with wrecked space ships and partially crumbled buildings. At times I am with other people and we are all looking for the same thing. Each direction we went in was stopped by a creature alien that we had to destroy.

I asked someone, "how will we stop them?" A woman said, “I know what we need to do, we need to go where the snow flurries fall in the desert. I said, “show me”. I remote view in and see what looks like the entrance to an underground facility. The area looks like a high desert area. I see a new bright silver colored high fence around the entrance. And then I notice it is snowing at the entrance of the facility. How strange to see a bright sunny desert day and it’s snowing just inside the fence.  I look to the right and see a huge alien creature watching the entrance of the facility. I turn to my companion and ask, “now what? How will we get past that thing?” She smiles and says, “we’ll find a way”.  

I have the sense of a battle taking place. The monster alien is defeated and all is now calm.  

Then I am walking along a road to the facility. I get to the fence and see the gate opens for me. There are several people in the area. I walk through and see tables and shelving with everyday items like shampoo, soap, toothpaste and medicine.  I say, “you all have done very well, thank you”. I walk to a building and a woman walks in with me. I turn to her and say, “whew, I made it”. She says, what job do you want? I say, “after everything I’ve just been through, you want me to work? I did my part so I think I need to rest.” She smiled and said, We need to rebuild and need leadership. I sigh and say, “ok I’ll take the human resources position and assign people to job duties.” The woman smiled saying thank you like she knew all along I would do the job. End of dream.