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Full Version: City w/Harbor dream. 6/30/17
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Start of Dream. I am looking out over a city and harbor. I get the feeling like I am in Australia. It’s early evening, yet not so dark that you can’t see all the buildings and harbor. Then I see planes flying over the city dropping bombs. I see dark smoke coming from buildings.

Then I’m in a building with a small group of people. There is a lot of activity in the building. A man is walking toward us. He has short cropped blonde hair, Caucasian, 37 yoa. He says, “you must engage and kill the enemy”. I say, “what if I don’t want to kill anyone?” He says, “you need to understand who we are up against here. The enemy will kill anyone in their path. In the last town they were in, they lined people up on the ground and shot them all.” I thought, hummmm. End of Dream.