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Full Version: A Visit with a Blind Woman
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In this dream, it was my youngest son, Michael's, birthday. (He turns 5 in May). I was terribly upset because of a lack of food in the home and I wanted to do something special for him but money was tight as well. Because he is a middle child, I felt like he really needed something to make him feel special... but I just couldn't think of what I could do. I decided that I would have to go out and hunt for the things I needed to at least make a birthday cake. It seemed like it was dangerous to go out and I didn't have anyone to watch the kids while I was away, so I decided that I would sneak out late at night when all of the children were asleep. Later that night I grabbed a shotgun and sneaked out the back door after making sure the kids were asleep and the house was secure.

I made it about half way down my street when someone started to shoot at me. I rolled into the ditch and was as quiet as I could be. Whoever shot at me woke up everyone in the neighborhood and there was a shootout with everyone shooting at each other while shouting all kinds of profanities. With everyone shooting at everyone else, I crawled to the highway through the ditch and made my way to a nearby store. Most of the stores and fast food places were boarded up and covered in graffiti, in fact, for as far as I could see, everything looked dead and empty. A ghost town...

As I walked around looking for at least ONE open store, I heard faint singing. It sounded like a little old lady singing to a child... so I followed the voice. I felt like the chances of a little old lady singing to a baby whipping out a gun and shooting me were pretty slim. There was a beat up little shack behind a boarded up store that the voice was coming from. As I got closer, I could hear that the song being sung was "Ba Ba Black Sheep". There was no door to the shack, just a sheet hanging, so I knocked on the side of the shack and heard the old voice tell me to come in.

Just as I suspected... there was a VERY old woman in the shack... but no baby. She was wearing a dark shawl and was leaning forward in an old rocking chair knitting. She didn't look up at me, but just rocked and kept busy with her work. I felt sort of awkward so I introduced myself. She said she knew who I was and had been there waiting for me. Confused, I asked her how she could possibly know I was coming. She said "The same way I know a moth would be drawn to a flame I knew you would be drawn here"... and I wasn't sure if I should be freaked out or not. I just kinda stood there in a daze trying to figure out how to feel about what she just said and she snapped "Well, don't just stand there! Get to work!" and she pointed one of her old, wrinkly fingers at a table in the corner. I walked over to the table and saw some flags... one was a shredded American flag. The original flag I think, with the circle of stars. The other flags were a Russian flag and a Chinese flag, I think. They seemed to be in decent condition. A little worn, but decent. I was just about to ask her what I was supposed to do with these but before I could, she said "I think you know what to do there, so go ahead and get busy. You don't have a lot of time." I just said ok and sat down in an old dusty chair next to the table. I cut the red, white and blue colors from the Russian flag to patch up the American flag... then cut the stars from the Chinese flag to replace missing stars. I was weirdly really getting into my work and felt really happy about the patching.

After a while, the woman stopped rocking and said that she had a friend of hers mention meeting me and that she had been excited to see me coming. She then said it was such a shame what I had to go through to meet her. I asked what she meant and she mentioned how dangerous things were becoming outside. She said that it was such a shame, the way the country was being torn apart. I agreed with her. I said that I had faith that maybe things would get better with Trump as president. She laughed a bit and said that he was trying his best but likely wasn't going to succeed. I asked why she would think that and she said "Because I watched him fail". Shocked out of my mind I turned around to look at her and she looked up at me and smiled. I could see her face now and both of her eyes were white. Cataract? I felt like she was blind and she sorta looked creepy, but I wasn't really creeped out by her like I felt maybe I should be.

She asked me if I wanted some tea and set down her work and got out of her chair to go grab a tea kettle off an ancient, old-fashioned stove. I started to get up to help her and she had me sit down saying that she had plenty years of experience making tea and she didn't need my help. I was kinda stunned and wasn't sure what to do other than sit there and work on the flag. I asked how she could be making tea and sewing if she were blind and she said "You will find as you get older that you don't need eyes to see the things that are important." That made sense in the dream and I just kinda watched her slowly make tea as I sewed stars on the flag. She brought over two chipped un-matching cups of tea. One cup was white with little flowers on it and and had a gold handle, the other was a really weird, rounded cup with swirls of pink, purple and blue on it. It made me think of outer space or a galaxy. She held both out and had me choose one, so I took the weirder galaxy cup. She smiled big and said she thought that would be the one I picked and that it was a very good cup of tea to choose. I took a sip of the tea she made and it was probably the best tea I ever had in my life except that it had tea leaves floating around in the bottom, but I honestly didn't mind the leaves too much. She said that was what made the tea so "lucky".

We talked about different things for a while while we both worked on our little projects. I can't remember everything that was said, but I remember laughing a bit. She was a sweet and funny woman. I felt she was very wise and insightful as well. When I had finished patching the flag the best I could, I realized that I had been there for a while and that the sun would be coming up soon. That meant that my children would wake up and I still hadn't found anything for Michael's birthday! I had to get home! I thanked the woman for her hospitality and told her I had to get home. She thanked me for her visit and grabbed a little bag sitting next to her. It was full of fresh figs. She told me to enjoy them with my children and to be sure to visit again.
Elyse, I loved reading your dream. So detailed and very interesting. The women reminded me of Mother Abagail from Stephan King's "The Stand".
I wonder what the flag repairing part was telling you?
That was quite a remarkable dream!

Notable contrast between the all-out warfare in the streets, and the peace and companionship inside the door-less shack. Everyone in the dream is fighting everyone else, except you and the elder.

Flag repair; VERY interesting!
The shredded flag theme is echoed later in the elder's lament about the country being torn apart.
You are restoring the original flag to its original condition. As you repair the American flag, the flags of China and Russia, which started out whole, themselves become ragged. Apparently there is not a way for all three flags to be in good repair. One prospers at the expense of the other two. If the flags are symbols of the three countries, it may tell something of their future courses.

The old woman and blind seer are classic archetypes. She reminds me a bit of Tiresias from Greek Mythology;

You went out for cake and came home with figs--better food than cake for the hungry.

Good one, Elyse! Thanks for posting it.