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Full Version: Aura Bullets
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I can't quite remember the entire context of this dream, but in it I was watching people... or their auras, rather. I was watching how the auras changed with interactions between people and how it changed with moods and other things... and then I saw this one person build up this black and dark red energy in his chest and shoot it out like a bullet at someone else and actually caused a large lingering blackness in them too... and this was so strange to me because I didn't know someone could exchange energy like that. Not without touching. And it was wild to me to see it had such a strong effect on the other person! I watched this guy do this to maybe 2 or 3 people wondering just HOW he was able to do that... then wondered if it were possible to send out positive energy in the same way. Rather than send out a steady constant stream of positive energy, send out a quick and intense burst of it that would instantly uplift a person, because if that were possible, if put to the best use the world could be a much happier place.
Sure couldn't hurt to try it with positive energy!
Yes, it is possible to transfer energy without touching someone. It's also possible to take energy without touching someone.