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Full Version: Zombies and Mr.Bubbles
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I had another steady stream of different dreams last night, but unlike last time, I was able to remember a bigger chunk of these.

First I had a dream about building walls and a structure for this massive zombie hoard that was reported to be coming my way. I guess what made this weird was that I was doing it with my grandmother. I haven't seen her for some time since she has been living with my mother which I don't get along with, but in the dream, we were working very well together. Anyway, I am NOT a fan of zombies or this whole zombie culture thing that's been making its round the last few years, so I was working very hard to build up SOMETHING to keep these zombies away from us. I felt a bit stressed because in spite of all of all our hard work, we were not going to be anywhere near ready for what I was expecting to unfold. Much of our preparation consisted of very tall cobblestone pillars which I thought we could wrap barbed wire around short term and reinforce with cobblestone walls later. There was also a very cute cobblestone cottage that I had plans to reinforce as well and maybe build a bunker underneath. My grandmother didn't have much in the way of plans or ideas but was great with moral support and getting minor tasks done so that I could devote all of my time and energy to the more heavy tasks.

After working for some time I got overheated and tired and and needed a short break and to wash up. The home that my grandmother shared with my grandfather was within a short walking distance, so we went there. I went to the wash room to wash my face and on my way back out I spotted a washing machine with a pink sign with white border and lighter pink bubbles on it. It didn't seem like my grandmother's style so I went to take a closer look and the sign said something along the lines of "Wash your filthy hands. Scrub your dirty butt. Leave out of here cleaner than you were when you came in!" And I thought this was the most hilarious thing. Icing on the cake was that there was a service number listed below, but it had nothing to do with the actual washer. It was the number to the Mr.Bubbles company. I lost it when I read that and just started laughing so hard. My grandmother came in to see what I was laughing at and I pointed to the sign and said I knew who had done that. It was my deceased Paw-paw! She laughed and said that it had been him and that he thought I would get a kick out of that. When he was alive we teased and pulled pranks on each other a lot and I would often bring home things like this for him to find and laugh at. I was tickled that he had done the same. When I left from the wash room I saw another sign on a washer in the kitchen and laughed more before making my way outside to do more work.

Night fell before I could finish preparing but I wasn't so worried about things because I somehow had this device that fit over my hand. When activated it kinda formed a sort of semi-mech suit over me which allowed me to fly a bit. I wasn't very good at using it yet, but I could hover a bit and shoot laser like things from the part that fit over my hand and thought that at the VERY least I would be able to defend the area I was trying to protect this one night by hovering over the hoard and shooting down into it and maybe get more done as far as building up defenses before the next hoard made its way there.