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Full Version: The Wild Ones...zombie...ish folk
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Dreamed of the "wild people"...which is what they were called in the dream. They lived outside of the "safe zones". They were similiar to zombies. They had been normal humans until something happened. They were feared, and it was common knowledge that they were cannibalistic...preying on folk outside the "safe zones"...however, they were tricky and would "act normal" sometimes coming into the safe zone to barter as money held no value in this reality. All people were dirty, wore rags as clothing, hair a wild you couldn't tell who was "normal" by appearance and folks did travel and barter between safe zones though highly risky...well someone had just traded with a woman accompanied by a couple kids...once they had walked a couple hundred yards from the safe zone they began running crazily arms and legs moving unnaturally...shreiking high pitched somewhat similiar to hyennas on a they ran back into the wilds. People in the safe zone were very distraught they had been fooled yet again...and very afraid of the "wild ones"...oddly as I dreamed this I was thinking I must report this to N.D.C...dream setting...future, event...apocolyptic, nearly wiped out human race...two types of human beings remaining, few normal...the rest...changed to "wild ones"...which were zombieish...cannibals, cunning, could trick normals...language, almost distroyed...normals and wild ones used non verbal methods alot...