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Full Version: The farmhouse
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I am with a small group of survivers. We see a old truck, like pre 1980's. I run to it hoping I can get it to work as traveling on foot is exhausting and slow. I lift the hood only to see that all the insulation is gone from the wires and the wires are melded together just like every other vehicle we have found. We continue walking and come to a old farmhouse. Water flows nearby and there are thick willows overgrown. We enter the farmhouse made of stone with a large landing wth stairs made of concrete inside which you walk down to the main room. As we look around and assess the buildings damage and structure to determine if it is a good place to call home I am very disappointed for there is water flowing down the stairs and through the house. The nearby creek had breached the home. As I am turning to leave a older male calls out to me saying, "It is not enough to see what is, more importantly is to see what can be, through vision." I than look again at the concrete stairs only now I see transformation. The house is dry now, solid and good, and there on the stairs sit perhaps 12 to 15 children attending "school."
Many of us have had dreams or visions of water - but this is the first to show what can come after. Good advice from the older man in your dream indeed!