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Full Version: Deep holes in the earth
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I'm going to work, and instead of a car, I seem to be gliding above the road at a pretty good clip. It's a two lane road with dense trees on either side. I notice that I'm passing over some pretty big holes in the pavement at regular intervals. The first few are just really dark, about 4 ft in diameter, with no bottom in sight. Then I pass over one that's much larger, and I can see men about 10 feet down. There's scaffolding and worklights, and the men are wearing hard hats. The hole looks much deeper. I pass over some more holes in the road just like it, but I can't really determine what they're doing, other than something for the government, I think.

End of dream.
Something about this dream seems all too familiar to me.
Really?!! How interesting. And what's really weird is that this was a night that I felt extremely busy in my dreams, but the only one I carried back out with me was this. And it's still really clear in my mind.