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Full Version: Intentional Dreaming-(Riding with the Dead)
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I had 2 short dreams after asking for clarification dreams for "Riding with the dead". I don't know if these qualify as "day residue" dreams since both things were already in my mind before I dreamed about them.

#1 Dreamed I was car shopping for a larger "bug-out vehicle".

#2 Dreamed a massive flood came up from the Gulf of Mexico and into my county (I am about 95 miles inland). My impression was that it was not a permanent flood and that the water rolled in and then out again like a far-reaching tide. I saw heavy deposits of sand/mud everywhere. I was surveying the aftermath - and I concluded that there were also tornados accompanying the flood because of the way trees were broken in half at the middle point. It was not hot like Summer nor cold like Winter.

Dreamed 8-01-2017