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Full Version: Confusing dreams
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3 Aug 2017

No intention set

Two unconnected dreams:

1) I'm standing in line in a military shoppette, holding a bag of chips and a bottle of soda. I know I'm on a military base that's located on an island but have no idea why I'm there. Nor do I have any idea why I have the chips and soda, as I don't tend to eat chips and I don't drink soda. A man in line behind me comments about the line being slow. I glance back at him. He's fairly nondescript and wearing the newer combat dress uniform. His rank is Lt. Col. I comment that I hadn't noticed, that in fact I wasn't sure why I was even here. A snack run, he says, eyeing the chips and soda. I shake my head and say No, I'm not sure what I'm doing on this island. He finds that very funny and grins at me. Tells me maybe I need someone to show me around, to help jiggle my memory. I ask him if he's offering. He asks me if I'm accepting. The dream ends before I reply.

2) I'm helping an older couple pack up their house. They're not related to me nor are they friends. In fact, I have no idea who they are or how I came to be helping them. Yet they need my help and I know about packing so here I am. We don't talk very much. I'm busy wrapping items in packing paper and arranging them in boxes. Then the dream jumps to I'm walking around the outside of a house. I don't know if it's the older couple's house or another house. Whoever's house this is, they need to do some serious yard work. Everything is overgrown and dried out. I walk to the back of the house. There's a wooden rail fence in the back, with tall grasses almost to the top of the top rail. I see two dirt ruts that indicate a vehicle came and went back there with enough regularity to leave the ruts. I lean against the fence, looking out over the field behind the house. Suddenly my youngest sister is standing next to me. She asks me what I'm doing. I reply that I'm helping some people move. She tells me I really don't have time to do that, especially since I need to get ready for my own move. I'm moving? I say. She tells me that we-the spouse and I-are putting our house on the market in a few weeks and we haven't even started to do anything. She looks around and observes that getting the yard in curb appeal state was going to take a lot of time as it was. I just blink at her, at a loss for words. End of dream.

Random notes:

1) Spouse was in the military and was stationed at a base on an island. This isn't the first time I've dreamed of being on a base on an island but the bases and islands in those dreams didn't resemble the base we were on in any way. Nor did they resemble any other bases on other islands.

2) This isn't the first time I've dreamed of standing in line at a military facility. Sometimes I'm in line at the commissary, sometimes at the exchange, and other times, it's a shoppette. No idea what that represents beyond the idea of hurry up and wait.

3) We just bought our house earlier this year. We haven't even completely moved into the place yet, as we have our kids living with us while their house is being built. No way are we planning to put our house on the market any time soon.

4) The overwhelming feeling from both dreams was confusion. I didn't know where I was, why I was there, or what was going on.

5) I seldom dream of my siblings-we're not close-but when they show up in my dreams, it's usually to pass on some message or another. Again, we're not planning to put our house on the market, but that message could mean it's time for me to get to work, to prepare for whatever might be coming my way. I don't know. Undecided