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Full Version: Tornado coming?
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Here is what I have gathered regarding recent dreams and dreambot runs which seem to speak of a tornado.

Dreambot Runs

tornado sat epic eating( trending)
used sky note than bird view wind monster dream (waning)
events tornado today number god (waning)

parking tornado vivid (waning)

tornado conscious earth (waning)

tracks escaping strangely and tornado (trending)
These words remind me of tornado trackers


Jack and wind box nature ( trending)
( An interesting connection is you wind a jack in the box).  Thought, a Jack -in the -box is a toy  which pops out and surprises you, yet you expect the surprise.It also looks like a "joker" and Joker has been in the past few runs.  Add nature to the mix and it could be a natural disaster surprise.  Add WIND which can mean both windy or something that is wound or winds across the landscape, like a tornado .

awareness orange fence dream backyard tornadoes. (also trending)
 Orange in this case is warning dreamers about the tornadoes, perhaps in some our own backyards. ( box and fence backyard are similar visuals. Maybe like a weather map showing boxes where tornado warnings are located).

eating dreamt died ground and  went tornado event and  teeth. (waning)
 Teeth usually points to a big natural disaster, often but not always an earthquake.
Eating dreamt died ground and went tornado event and teeth all connect.


Kelly Intentional dreaming (riding with the dead)
#2 Dreamed a massive flood came up from the Gulf of Mexico and into my county (I am about 95 miles inland). My impression was that it was not a permanent flood and that the water rolled in and then out again like a far-reaching tide. I saw heavy deposits of sand/mud everywhere. I was surveying the aftermath - and I concluded that there were also tornados accompanying the flood because of the way trees were broken in half at the middle point. It was not hot like Summer nor cold like Winter.

Golden Girl

I'm at what appears to be a State Fair. I'm in a pavilion with friends and family, at long picnic tables. There are other groups surrounding us, and everyone is having an excellent time. There is a very carefree atmosphere.

A friend comes and tells me to pack up immediately, as we need to go NOW. There is a huge sense of urgency in his voice. He's normally such a laid-back person, that the tone in his voice makes me spring into action. But as in the case with dreams, our items seem to have multiplied, and while I think they all fit originally in boxes, now I'm grabbing anything - recycle and plastic grocery bags, broken down boxes, whatever I can get my hands on. Everyone around me is doing the same. The atmosphere has now got a tinge of panic to it.

…I back out and look out the end of the pavilion, and see a huge cloud coming our way. You can't even see the ground, it goes from the top of the sky right down to the earth. Huge, rolling, dark clouds and they're coming right at us. I look to the right and see a single fighter jet, also headed right for us. It's coming fast, and because of the angle I can't tell who's plane it is.

While not posted, my daughter also had a dream about a tornado 3 nights ago.

If anyone has any thoughts or would like to add something please feel free.
Wow, TB9, just wow! This is an excellent list of overlaps in dreambot linguistics and the dreams themselves. This is why we need a geographical map of our dreams....we really need a location for this. We need both the location of the dreamer and the location that was in the dream and triangulate. Maybe the area around the Gulf of Mexico and/or Florida for this one? What's the best guess on location for our tornado warning?

Thanks again, great work!
Today on my FB feed, someone posted a video of a tornado that hit Katie, OK. Then I read this.

Y'all know how I feel about coincidences.
My dream featured a tornado alley-style tornado. Big and bad. We don't get those kind of tornadoes here in Florida. We get hurricanes. What I saw was over the ground.
Thanks Eagle!
And the Southeast is watching for what might become Irma.( Look out Florida!)
So 2 potential big ones and as we know, hurricanes can produce tornadoes. Also, some of the lingo also describes a hurricane.
This might also be the Rain events some have dreamt about also.

(08-23-2017, 10:02 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello!

I know Eagle posted similar news about Harvey but this is from a local station. The local authorities are already planning for flooding. Some talk is over 4 inches of rain possible this weekend. Pair 'em up, Noah.

The area had tornadoes touch down during a big storm a few months ago so it's not out of the realm of possibility that we see more this time around.
Harvey is gonna be a hurricane by the time it gets to TX.
Ol' Harv spent some time as a Cat 4, then dropped down to a Cat 3. We're forecast to get almost 6" of rain over the weekend. The winds haven't started here yet but I've seen footage of the wind and storm surge.

Is it possible this is what was showing up in the lingo?
Absolutely a lot of that lingo could be showing up here DLP.
As I am typing this, the Weather Channel just announced  it is believed a tornado may have touched down near Houston and there are now tornado warnings in effect, not just watches.  80%  chance of a tornado hitting Southeast Texas, 50% hitting Southwest Louisiana.Also,possible tornado in Sienna Plantation.
(08-26-2017, 01:59 AM)ThePaladin Wrote: [ -> ]Ol' Harv spent some time as a Cat 4, then dropped down to a Cat 3. We're forecast to get almost 6" of rain over the weekend. The winds haven't started here yet but I've seen footage of the wind and storm surge.

Is it possible this is what was showing up in the lingo?
Reported tornado in the Houston area. Saw footage and it sure looked like a tornado to me. No link because I'm having fits getting to various sites today.

Personally, I think your prediction was on the money, TB9.

Managed to get a link.
TORNADOES: Multiple tornadoes confirmed - 8:51 p.m.
The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office and the Stafford Police Department reported tornado sightings at about 8: 30 p.m. The Sheriff's Office also tweeted that a different tornado had been spotted near U.S. 90 and the Texas Parkway minutes earlier.
A tornado warning has been issued for Meadow Place, Addicks and Santsuma through 9 p.m.
National Weather Service Meteorologist Wendy Wong confirmed seven tornadoes touched down in the Houston area between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.
A possible eighth tornado may have formed near FM 359 and McCrary Road in Fort Bend County, according to a Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Twitter post at 7:15 p.m.
Four of those tornadoes spawned in northwest Harris County within the 4 p.m. hour Saturday, Wong confirmed. Another struck the Sienna Plantation neighborhood in Fort Bend County earlier Saturday.
On Friday, two tornadoes spawned closer to the coast - one near La Marque and Texas City and another on Galveston Island, Wong said.
Among the recent tornadoes in northwest Harris County, the first touched down at 4 p.m. near Cypress Ranch High School and moved toward Hockley, Waller and Todd Mission. Video on social media showed a large but disorganized funnel cloud moving near Barker Cypress Road and West Road near Cypress-Fairbanks.
It was not immediately clear where the other three tornadoes touched down in that area Saturday afternoon.
Gonzales tweeted that some homes had suffered "extensive damage" in the Lone Oak Subdivision, and that other buildings had been impacted near the Barry Center; Black Horse Ranch; Fry Road at Cypress North Houston Road; and between Tuckerton and West roads. Photos tweeted by Gonzales show the roof of one home was almost completely ripped off, while gutters and other hardware hung down the walls of another.
Other twisters caused damage near College Station and Sargent.
Melissa Huffman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Houston, said Harvey's strong winds have set in motion smaller vortexes, resulting in frequent but brief tornadoes. Such conditions are expected to continue through Monday.
"They're not super long-lived," she said. "That's the good thing."
tornadoes all around me and high water will last for a least a week. Work will be busy and dangerous for a bunch of people for some time. I say so far so good, I am high and dry.!
Oh Boy Edna. Stay safe! Let us know how things progress.