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Full Version: Dangerous Flooding and Earthquakes
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TWICE yesterday I have dreamt of serious storms and flooding. I actually didn't go to bed until well after 3 or 4 am that morning and that is when I had the first dream. I remembered just a little of that dream and shrugged it off because I felt like I probably just had hurricanes on the brain. While I felt some sense of responsibility in the first dream, it wasn't like THIS dream. I'll post the first dream later because I literally just flew out of bed at 10:50 pm in a panic because of THIS one. The last time I popped out of bed with this sort of panic, my dream was proven true. Here's hoping that THIS one is just a dream.


In this dream I was doing housework and gathering up blankets and clothing to be washed. I was doing this in my current home until I heard yelling. Then I walked into another room which was the living room of my childhood home. My brother and sister were there arguing and fighting with one another. I was the oldest and it was my responsibility to look after them while my parents were away so I did my best to break up the fight. I noticed it had started storming, but didn't think much of it. We often get big storms here. But then I walked into the living room and noticed it had already begun flooding in there. For some reason I was reminded the flood that hit Louisiana last year and took a look outside and thought to myself "Oh my God! There's like three feet of water out there!" (I should note that I didn't SEE three feet of water outside... it was just the thought that popped into my head.) Inside the living-room, the carpet was completely saturated. This house was built on a very tall hill and it was SO surprising to me to see the house being flooded at all. I told everyone to stay out of this room. I felt like my mother would deal with this when she got home, but for now we needed to let it be and not make it worse. My brother and sister seemed to feel indifferent about the flooding in the living room. I was just a little upset over it. It was very inconvenient, but not the end of the world. In that house, there was a long hall with 3 rooms on each side. My room was the very last, down the hall and to the right. My brother and sister were chasing each other up and down the hall as I made my way to my room. In the dream, there were no inside walls but I knew where each room was divided. When I got to my room I noticed some minor flooding (the carpet just a tiny bit damp), then there was a loud crashing noise (sorta like thunder) and the ground shook and the top, right-hand corner of my wall came off allowing all of this flood water to come pouring in and tearing down even more of the wall. "Thunder? No... because thunder doesn't break must be Lightening!" I thought. The water came in with such force that it slammed me against a wall (one that wasn't there earlier) then washed me down the hall. This wasn't 3 feet of water either...when the top corner of my wall broke off, water at at LEAST ceiling level rushed in. So, AT LEAST 7 feet of it! The house was pretty flooded now and there was AT LEAST a foot and a half of water inside once everything settled down. When I was able to get back up, I made my way back down the hall to assess the damage. I was missing a huge chunk of my room now and where the wall was missing, I was looking over what seemed to be a large body of water. Now, in real life that area is covered in forest, but in this dream I only saw trees far off into the distance. I stepped out of my room onto the ground outside. I was on flooded land, but that huge body of water was not flooded land. It was a huge body of water. Maybe a large lake or something? The storming didn't stop and the wind was blowing more rain inside. At this point, looking at my room, I didn't feel like we were going to be able to repair it. We'd have to rebuild. I stepped back into what was once my room and just felt so sad and sick to my stomach that my room was gone. Where would I sleep now? My brother and sister were there staring at the damage with looks of horror on their face. I told them to go down the hall and stay in the middle of the house, which in the dream seemed to be my parents room... but in real life, my parents room was the room directly across from mine. Just as I was about to leave the room again, I turned to see three splashes (or little water explosions) go across the body of water outside. With each splash was a deep kind of popping noise and light rumble in the ground. As the splashes quickly went across I heard another big crash as the earth shook... and assumed, again, that this was lightening. Immediately afterwards, ALL of the water from inside the house began to rush out, sweeping me off my feet. I saw a massive whirlpool open in the body of water and it was sucking everything in! I struggled to get myself up and check on my brother and sister. I felt they could be easily swept away. They had stayed in the room like I had asked and were fine on top of a bed. I was relieved. But this seemed very bad and dangerous. OTHER people could have been sucked into this thing. The water just kept rushing in and every time there was this "thunder" something terrible seemed to happen, so I rushed to the phone to call my mother at work. She worked in a housing authority ... and when I called she was talking to someone else, and both seemed pretty calm, but I was freaking out. She asked if something was wrong and I told her she wouldn't BELIEVE me if I told her everything I had seen today and what all had happened! Then I told her I had seen a dragon (I don't *remember* seeing one, but maybe I forgot), that I saw a whirlpool open up, and that my room had been destroyed... and after I said these things, I woke up.


As with any dream, this could be interpreted in a number of ways (personal and more general). I very rarely "see" what I think could be natural disasters in dreams, but I feel like this may be a warning, so I'll do my best to interpret (although it is not my strong point). I live in Louisiana which I feel was represented by the home I was in before everything started. (My actual home) I walked out of that home into a much bigger house which I feel might be the United States as a whole. (A home I share with my brothers and sisters) I was suddenly responsible for my brother(s) and sister(s) safety. In the dream, I thought the destruction of my room and the whirlpool was caused by lightening... because I heard what I thought to be thunder and the ground shook... BUT I saw no lightening in the dream nor was I frightened to be struck while I was outside. I've never witnessed an earthquake but I assume that the ground would shake and that there would be loud noises. (Maybe someone who's witnessed that sort of thing could weigh in?) A combination of a huge storm, flooding AND earthquake would be TERRIBLE. It could be that these things happen together or very close to one another in nearby areas... at any rate, the results could be devastating and I could feel some of the feelings that would be associated with these very traumatic events. Feelings of loss, helplessness, concern, horror, responsibility, ect. These feelings were very strong and the feeling of urgency was SO strong I woke up in a panic.

So... IF these things were to take place... where and when? I thought about the house. MY room (the room I was drawn to) was the room most affected and the only room destroyed, so that would be where the worst would occur. I have two theories there. The first was that facing the house from the front door would divide the house into two horizontal rows of three. In that case, my room would be to the lower right, so the SOUTHEAST. However, in the dream, I was facing the hall and saw my room as being the top, right-hand room. That would make it the NORTHEAST. So I did a search for the house on google maps. My corner of the room, according to google maps, was facing the Northeast. SO, I feel more strongly that is where the earthquakes/ flooding would occur. In my room, there was a wall facing the North and one facing the East. The one facing North was the one that was completely destroyed. There was also a huge body of water nearby. Maybe a lake or an ocean. I gave some thought to the Great Lakes. It's hard to come to a conclusion I feel is very accurate, but with a general area in mind I thought about WHEN this would happen. I'm afraid I don't have much to go on there. Two things I thought about, though, is that it was after splitting up a big fight between my brother and sister AND that the number 3 came up a lot... and has been coming up a lot in my dreams recently. Three what though? Could be 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or even three years if three has anything to do with it. Maybe it happened while I was sleeping. (Though I seriously doubt that) I guess that if 3 has anything to do with it, then I have a little while to incubate.

I, again, sincerely hope its just a dream and would like to hear what other dreamers think.
Hi Elyse!
What a dream!
Currently there is an emergency situation in PR as a dam is about to break. I have never hear what is sound like when a dam breaks, but I would not be surprised if it sounded and felt like an earthquake as the water pours down hills and roads. It would take about lots of earth and be quite powerful.
I wonder if you were picking up on that.