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Full Version: Knowledge/Lions dreams
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1st dream - My head was swollen with too much knowledge. Something removed it.

2nd dream - Lions were coming after me. I jumped up a large picket fence. Someone opened a door on the left to get the lions away from me. However I noticed there were large gaps in the fence so maybe the lions could still get me.

My interpretations:
1st dream - Maybe I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and I'm not using it.
2nd dream - Lions - fears and anxieties. Fence - protection but there were gaps in my protection.
There is a similar dream to your 2nd dream in the book, The Way of the Dream: Conversations on Jungian Dream Interpretation with Marie-Louise von Franz, by Fraser Boa. In the book (page 86), a man has many dreams of running from powerful animals. In one dream, he is running from a bull. He jumps over a fence to get away from the bull. He turns back to look at the bull. The bull stands on his hind legs, and the bull's penis is a ballpoint pen, meaning that the man was running from his own creative energy, that he needed to do some writing.

In your dream, what does the lion signify? Courage? The courage is your own energy - chasing you - use it.