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Full Version: Planet health
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So I was dreaming about my farm, with my cows on it happily grazing on it. Then a group of black predators came in and started taking down my girls, one at a time as needed.

After a couple I went up and fought the panther (with wolves and other predators) who was bitting the jugulars on them to take them down. I got them to leave.

As I was surveying the land a giant vein of blood was at the surface open but not leaking. I told someone that yeah I've got some sutures and I'll get that cleaned up.

Almost wasn't going to post the dream, as I didn't remember it well as earlier parts of it are lost, but I read on Facebook as to people are turned off on veganism because of many militant attitudes thinking they are saving the world. Personally poly or perma culture is the fastest way of healing the planet.

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