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Full Version: Dream foreshadowing Vegas attack? 10- 1-17
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This afternoon my daughter told me about a dream she had last night. I was not able to post it before the Vegas Shooting happened but I decided to write it down here anyway.

It was the second layer of her dream. She was with her grandparents and some friends and they were traveling in a city with very tall buildings. They were walking on the sidewalk and then all of a sudden she saw bright flashes of light coming from the building windows. All of the buildings/skyscrapers windows had these flashes/lights. She then saw people who looked like military/ police in all of the windows firing weapons out of the windows. They were dressed in dark colors. She felt she and those she was with were being targeted by machine gun fire. She then suddenly woke up very frightened.

She did not know where this was taking place.

Prayers for those killed and injured, their families, the first responders and all those affected by this tragedy.