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Full Version: Runners and Corpses
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I had a gruesome dream in an unfamiliar war-torn location (felt like US).   I saw young people in running attire, who looked like they had just gone through a war.  They had soot on them and torn clothing.  No words were expressed but the horde of runners’ energy conveyed the anger, and complete dejection of the government, authorities, and powers-to-be.  

The scene moved to a bombed out stadium.  The runners looked like they were about to run a hundred yard dash.  I wonder how this was going to be possible, for two reasons.  Firstly, the track had huge craters from the bombings that had taken place.  Secondly, each runner had a corpse of a young adult that happened to be the son or daughter of the “Powers-To-Be” with them.  Each runner stretched out their arms holding the corpse straight out in front of themselves, as they ran down the track.  As they ran through the craters, they hurled the corpses of their oppressor’s sons and daughters down trampling them with their spiked running shoes, in an act of outright defiance.  

In the next scene, I witnessed the mass of runners driving armored and jeep like vehicles intentionally running over the corpses in the craters.  I felt this was a further act to demonstrate their resolve to the powers-to-be that they were no longer would tolerate their control on them and in their lives.  The dream ended.
Wow! That was an intense dream. Do you think there was Day reside from Vegas?
When I can remember my dreams, I generally have very vivid and detailed ones. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of this being residue from Vegas, but didn't feel like it. It felt very much futuristic and political. But with so much news coverage on Vegas, TB9 you maybe right.