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Full Version: Post Office Dream, 10.4.17 AM
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Dreamed I am working as a temp or new hire in a post office. I sit at the counter and look out to a large hallway. Reminds me of a shopping mall with people walking by. People working the counter beside me and people walking around behind me working. I am not sure what to do, then someone says, it’s self-explanatory. I see a small pad, like an IPad and it has instructions on it. I don’t understand something on the pad and ask a co-worker. She says, oh you just need to swipe left and what you need will show on the screen. I say, okay thank you.

Then I look to my left and there is a woman who looks distraught and she is speaking loudly. I walk over to her and ask if I can help. She wants to speak with someone that works here. I look behind me and say, will someone please find Roger and bring him here. There are a couple of sofa's near the entrance and we both sit on one of them. I face the woman, hold her hands and tell her, "look at me and tell me why you are here". I listen to her talking about a drama happening in her life. I am concerned that this woman might hurt herself or someone else. Finally someone shows up and walks the woman away. I look around myself and think how strange this post office is. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: the name sounded like Roger, can't say for certain it was Roger.