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Full Version: A private message for me
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3 October 2017
No intention set

Don't remember anything that preceded this quick segment and woke up immediately after.

Sat down at my work table. Opened my laptop and booted it up. Ran through my usual routine, checking emails and various sites. Opened the NDC forums. Saw the yellow banner that indicates a private message and "You have one unread message from Amy Cullen." Woke up.


The whole set up of my work space was exactly like it is in waking time. Exactly. And the NDC forum setup was exactly the same. If I hadn't known I was asleep, I would have thought I was going about my waking routine.

I don't know an Amy Cullen. Did a search on the name in the forum search and there is no registered member by that name. Did a search on the name and man, there are a lot of Amy Cullens out in the world. None that meant anything to me, though.

Whenever something like a name, date, or place shows up in my dreamtime, I pay attention. There's something important about that info, even if I don't know what it is at the time.