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Full Version: Good Cop vs. Bad Cop
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I'm in someone else's body. A person in their late teens, early twenties. I'm also with a friend in back of a police car, (no one I recognize in reality). We've done nothing wrong, just getting a ride somewhere. I can tell we're friends with the police officer who's driving. Suddenly, we drive up on the rear bumper of an other police car, and see the demeanor of our police officer friend change.  He becomes irritated, and tells us that cop ahead of us is disgraceful. He has violations on his patrol car that he should have taken care of them prior to patrolling.  He tells us he is going to write him up some violations (tickets). As goes to pull him over from behind with lights flashing, a second cop car helps by pulling in front of the wrong doing cop. They successfully box him in and pull him over. The last scene is of our police officer friend walking towards the pulled over car with violation book in hand. The dream ends.