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Full Version: Escape??
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Well this was tiring and I woke from it probably at 11:11. Any way I was with friends near and as opposed to shoe out a bee I killed it and several more.

That's when the fun started, as I was stung I turned into a fly or something and someone suggested that I be held til the queen tasted me. I was hard to get caught and after being tasted and determined to be of good stock I escaped and was constantly fleeing in the matrix until I woke.

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Yep, that does sound tiring with all that running around.
Hmm. You killed a bee (You > bee). You were turned into a fly (fly < bee). You judged a bee and killed it. The queen bee judged you, and let you live.

Possible take homes-- Mercy is sweet? or maybe, 'Bee merciful..."
The first part about killing a bee was fuzzy. Also don't remember if it was a queen bee or what as I don't think I was turned into a fly... yet.

But yes mercy is good, except for pests, in my cheese plant.

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Was at the time more so thinking that, we were being chosen to be merged with technology.

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