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Full Version: The Brown Square Dominion
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20171012-Dream-The Brown Square Dominion
06:00 PDST, 06:28 LST

They appeared everywhere at once. Metal robots with a rounded conical mound where the head should be. No faces or features. Each one carried a Roman-style scissor-blade on a pike staff. They marched everywhere in formation, but very, very fast and without any clanking or sound. If they found you, they made you kneel and say,
“I renounce all other religions and authority and and accept the Brown Square Dominion.”
And if you did, it was true—You were “inside the Brown Square.”

If anyone gave them trouble, attacked, or refused to accept the Brown Dominion, they were killed immediately.

I was a student at a University, and tried my best to hide from the robots, but they found me at last. I had to accept the Brown Square Dominion.

Other groups of robots took over every government office, business, or institution. Every document was quickly and efficiently stamped with an opaque brown square right over the business name or corporate seal. It was the color of medium brown hair, sort of like flat paint except that the edges of the square were perfectly straight and sharp, and it could not be removed from the document, or even cut with scissors. After the robots were done with our files and our equipment, we could still use them—Print anything we wanted, unless it was “Not Allowed.” Whatever we printed came out with the Brown Square on it. Even plain paper in a black and white printer came out with the Brown Square perfectly covering any logo, emblem or corporate seal. No one could figure out how it was happening.

The rules of every organization were unchanged—at least for now. Police and Army people (who were not killed for resisting) all “entered the Brown Square” like the rest of us, and found that they too were “Not Allowed.” They weren’t required to do anything differently, except that they were not allowed to do anything bad or harmful, or outside the bounds of what they should be doing in that job. And of course, they were Not Allowed to make war or kill people. It was like being mildly depressed if you tried to do anything they didn’t like. Fighting or violence was “not allowed.” Stealing, drug use, driving over the speed limits-- “not allowed.” Overeating at lunch-- “not allowed.”

Some people had taken the “Brown Religion” before the robot army got there. We mostly ignored them. I knew a Brown Religion girl in my apartment, and saw her in the lobby when I got home after the first day.
“How was your day?” she asked me.
“Tiring, with all the running away, “ I quipped. I wanted to say something really snarky, but -- Not Allowed!
“How was yours?”
“Okay I guess.” She wanted to say more. Her eyes were sad, but she too was ‘Not Allowed.’

The Brown Square Army was not human, and maybe neither were their masters, but the masters never showed themselves. No proclamations, no changes to laws – except to enforce them strictly from within everyone’s own brain. North Korea remained Communist, and Kim remained in power—But he was now a perfect Communist, as was every official in his regime. All food, all resources were shared equally. Corruption was Not Allowed. The lowliest peasant child had exactly the same amount and type of food to eat as Kim Jong Eun himself.

Used car salesmen could still sell used cars, but they were Not Allowed to misrepresent their cars in any way. You could still buy cigarettes, but you were Not Allowed to smoke them. It went on and on like that. And no one was happy, even though happiness was allowed.

Everyone on the globe was forced to accept the Brown Square Dominion or be killed. And once you were in, you could not do anything that was Not Allowed.

It was a restless sleep that ended in this dream. After I got up and thought about the dream a bit, I said, “Holy crap!”-- And stopped right there, because that was a good way to sum up the terrifying peace and order of the Brown Square Dominion.

Really not sure what this one could mean. Maybe this is what happens when the machines take over?

I have had a series of rather scary dreams lately, and only recently had time to type them up, so might as well post them. Hope that does not violate any rules!