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Full Version: Rachel Maddow the river rafting guide
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Last night I had a dream that Rachel Maddow was a a guide , rafting on a river. It was likely the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon. I was watching her from behind in either a different boat or from shore. She had excellent form and command of the raft and I was impressed on how she was tackling the rapids. Others were in her boat, she was the guide.
After awhile my father came to me and said hello. We discussed a few things, not sure what, and I told him I missed him. I awoke shortly after.
Thoughts, my father passes away 14 years ago this month. For many years, he was a rafting guide through the Grand Canyon, he also own his own rafting company for a period of time. I am not sure how Rachel Maddow fits in. She might be seen by some as someone who "guides " some through the sea of politics. I am not really sure why she was in my dream as a whitewater guide.