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Full Version: Dying Mohammed
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20171004-Dream-Dying Mohammed

The founder of Islam is dying, and will soon be forgotten. Islam is being taken over by “Baphomet.” I am dismayed, and hope that ‘Baphomet’ does a better job of steering that religion. End of dream.

"Dying" in this dream meant that the entire memory and awareness of Mohammed was passing out of the consciousness of Muslims. His place in the religion was being taken over by 'Baphomet.'

I have never been a Muslim. On awakening, I remembered learning that “Baphomet” was the name of the purported idol that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping—This resulted in the disbanding of the Knights Templar, often by the execution of its members by agents of the Roman Catholic Church.

In the book, “The Secret of the Temple," ch 12, author John M. Greer tells us that “Baphomet” may be an encoded form of the Hebrew name/word “Sophia = Wisdom.” This is the Atbash Cipher, commonly used for secret writing among scholars in the Middle Ages.

Islam is being taken over by Wisdom?