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Full Version: Nuclear War
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20170926-Dream-Nuclear War
05:45 PDST/~4:45 LST

I am in the pilot house of a ship at sea, looking down at a white monitor screen. There is a pubic hair on the screen. Reports are coming in from the other stations. There are three more besides me, evenly spaced on the surface of the globe. We all know it is the end, but all of us are on station. The screens of the other pilot houses are up. Smiling young people, two women and one man, but not in uniform.

“Station 2 reporting, status ready,” he says. The standard status report. Then he smiles and adds, “Not vaporized yet!” We all smile at this.

Then, “Station 3 reporting, status ready, not vaporized yet.”
Then, “Station 4 reporting, status ready, not vaporized yet.”

Everyone is smiling, but a bit sadly.

Suddenly station 2 goes off line, then 3, then 4. Sat cams show large nuclear columns at their sites. Dream ends.

All of us were at sea. The stations were at points of a tetrahedron on the surface of the earth. The pubic hair in the pilot house of station 1 means the leadership is governed by passions, not sense/logic. I am apparently in the leader’s ship (“leader’s ship”/ “leadership” ?) but not a leader. I just work there.
4 – the number of Man. The nuclear blasts were columns only, reaching to space. No mushroom clouds.

Risk of nuclear war is high.