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Full Version: Nesting Coats
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20170915-Dream-The Nesting Coats

I am traveling through an evergreen forest with a group of young people. It is Winter, and everyone is dressed in ankle-length greatcoats. The coats have wooden stays in them that hold the bottoms of the coats away from the feet for better walking. We decide to stop and camp for the night.

Each person locates a tree with a trunk about a foot diameter and no branches below 6 feet. They take off their greatcoats and fasten the necks of the coats around the tree trunk, tying it securely with their belts. They slide the wooden stays along the coat until they reach the tree trunk, then tie straps from the outer ends of the stays to the tree trunk above. They put a liner or blanket around the straps, then climbed into it and curled around the tree to sleep.

When assembled, it looked like a cup or a crow’s nest with a tent on top, 3 or 4 feet above the ground.


The travelers looked like Neo in the Matrix, but no sunglasses. Interesting concept, a tree tent. Maybe I will try to make one sometime. It would have to be hammock-grade cloth to work without ripping, and I am not sure if the 6 to 8 wooden stays in the coats would really be practical for wearing in the winter. What if you needed to bend or pick up something from the ground?

I have had a large number of dreams recently, and have only recently had time to type them. Some are rather scary. Sorry for the big glut.