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Full Version: Dream about alex jones and stock market
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I dreamed alex jones was spinning a car tire like a prize wheel and he says the stock market fell in one day by a 10 percent fall.
Probably happens within 180 days

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Everything is being thrown into stock market...central banks keeping them up....meanwhile, the bond market is floundering.
It seems that the last few days that has been losses in the stock market...they are trying their best to shore the bond market according to greg mannarino. I listened to show veritas about a guy who claims to have had very high security clearance that there is a stock market crash planned for this month in 2017 according to documents he has seen.
If that is true, such an event would kill the holiday retail sales as people hang on to what little money they have, and that would kill a lot of retailers that are barely hanging on right now. If an entity-and I mean that in the sense of a group or organization, not an energetic being of some sort-wanted to crash the US economy, that would be a good start.
The bond market is floundering because interest rates have risen 3/4% I believe. When rates rise bond funds lose money and so conservative investors that thought bonds were a safe haven now are at a loss and pull their money out, because what they once thought was safe is no longer a safe investment.

Much of that money was in iras and 401ks and has to be invested in mediums like that and so if bonds are not relatively risk free then I'm putting my $ in stocks. This the trump rally.

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Well, today we had 4.6 percent drop in stock market but yet it is the largest single day drop in points ever for the stock market at 1,100 or so and it's down 8.5 percent from the highest point. Stocks way over valued due to propping up from federal reserve.