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Full Version: Empire State
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Had a dream about the Empire State being destroyed. First it bended over and I saw that on top of it was the statue of liberty, then it began to bend even further until it broke apart and got demolished into rubble. Really weird dream.
Thanks for joining Jikiyama and sharing your dream with us. Yes, that does seam a bit weird. Did you see an image of New York or was it the Statue of Liberty that identified it as New York. Could you sense why it was bending?
I had a dream last night about the empire state building being on fire plus there were other fires deliberately set around the country by the deep state operatives and there was a 5.5mg quake in Santa Ana California.
Sounds like both of you might have connected with the terror attack today in NYC where a truck drove down a bike lane killing 8..
Donald Trump owns the Empire State building...could be an attractive target for attack. Watch November 4 or after one Georg Soros organizations Anifta has targeted it for uprising in USA.
Hey there all - Last night I remember just a snip-it of a dream that also felt like a vision. In the dream I am looking down at what looks like a computer screen. On the screen it looks like a satellite map of a city. I thought, now what am I supposed to be "seeing" here? Then one of the buildings was enlarged so I could see it better. Then I heard Chrysler Building. I did not see or hear anything else.