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Full Version: Food safety
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So a long dream this am. I was invited to participate in a workshop aimed at furthering a local food system to help the local economy.

We broke into small groups to discuss how to do so. Everyone expected me to take charge and lay out how I thought to do so, in my group. I sat back and offered my opinions in a couple of areas, but did not wish my voice to be the only one heard. Was accused of acting like an autistic child because I sat back and wanted others participation.

There was a break as we were in a school setting and kids needed into the room to put up/get stuff. After the short recess (might not have been over), when someone asked me to explain issues with complying with the food safety modernization act. I started to explain it and someone behind us stopped all other discussions and stated to the moderator, this guy gets it and we are trying to reinvent the wheel, why not sit down with him to figure out how to help and create a system to help him, which others can participate in.

Day residue, but as I am actively trying to create a local/regional food distribution system for all of us producers going to denver, and there is little dialogue between all of us (yet a grocery chain I deliver to asked why we don't collaborate (to which I stated I try to get us to) but I do not really have time to discuss with my aspirations with others)