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Full Version: My Dad is a Spy
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So I’m in a big old Victorian house, and I think it’s the house I grew up in, in Ohio. I’m in bed sitting up, and I have my two dogs and two cats with me. My mom comes in the bedroom, and she is asking me about some guy I know from Boston. While we’re chatting, I hear some pops and realize that some lightbulbs have blown out and broken. I get my mom to take the pets out of the room, while I assess the damage.

I realize that I’m going to need to sweep up the shards, and go downstairs to look for a dustpan and broom. I found it strange that some of the lightbulbs appeared to be made of plastic. Downstairs I see my dad in the family room, and there are a bunch of kids running around, which in the dream belong to my sister. I find my mom in the laundry room and ask her for a dustpan and broom, and she says she doesn’t have one, and proceeds to whisper something in my ear. I turn and see the dustpan and matching broom on the counter, and ask her why she said she didn’t have one, and to repeat whatever it was she said.

She leaned in close and tells me, “A woman spotted your father getting on a plane to Hong Kong, he’s at it again!” She tries to convince me we need to move away. All I can think is oh no, she didn’t get cured of her disease, and she’s hallucinating again, because my dad is not a spy.

End of dream.

This dream was chock full of odd things. I did grow up in Ohio, but not in what looked like a huge Victorian house. I don’t have a sister, just a brother. I don’t know a man from Boston that I am aware of. My mom did pass of a fast moving type of dementia, the initial hallmark being very strange hallucinations, but my father passed away long before she became ill. Once she became ill, there was no cure.

I wasn’t going to post at all, but maybe something will happen with some man in Boston, or a spy in Hong Kong. Who knows?!
This is very interesting--
All kinds of things are wrong, or going wrong, in this dream.
Lightbulbs blow out _and_ break. -- I have seen this happen maybe once in 60 years. Very unusual.
Chaos in the family room caused by kids of non-existent sister, monitored by deceased father...
Any Mom not knowing that she actually has a dustpan and broom-- Highly unlikely.
Father accused of spying in the same way one describes a relapse to alcoholism..
AND, you titled it 'My Dad is a Spy', not the more expected 'My Dad is not a Spy.'

The only functional person in this dream, trying to fix things, is you, Goldengirl.
Perhaps you are feeling an increase in craziness in every area of life. I am certainly noticing this sort of thing every time I turn around...
Wow Ablelba, that is incredible and insightful.

I certainly woke with a feeling that things were spinning out of control. Personal life often feels like a plate spinning act - so far no broken plates! And every time I go online to check up on the news, I am horrified at the state of the country and the world. And it does seem to be gaining speed in it's craziness. So many people acting like they have no conscience whatsoever. What is going on?