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Full Version: 11/24/17 Old stone building and newspaper walls.
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I was at the remnants of a building. Only the stone pillars/support columns and stone foundation remained. It was a little like an ancient temple of Greece or Rome, but more modern. There were wide stairs leading outward, perhaps five or six, It was open to the elements, no roof. It was sunny and the columns had a warm golden ivory tone. It was mostly clean except for some dirt on the floor.
I was looking around. I noticed some sort of unknown substance on the ground over a wide area. It was not easily "visible" This was a concern as I believed it likely to be toxic.
I returned to the building with a male friend to investigate further together. We were trying to learn more about the substance. This time there were people present including children. People were gathered to hear someone speak. It may have been a quiet rally. It was sunny and since there was no roof or walls it was an interesting place to gather. I had the feeling the exposure to the substance would cause health problems down the road for those in contact with it so I was especially concerned for the children.
A short time later, perhaps a day or 2 later, a discovery was made about what lay beneath the grounds where this building stood. Apparently there was an older building underneath which had walls built from bundles of old newspaper stacked upon each other. Only these "newspaper walls" remained of the building.I had the feeling that someone had been killed because of a message in a newspaper article found in one of the bundles. I discussed this with my male investigator friend but he did not feel there was any relationship with a death and the newspaper walls.

Thoughts, I had the feeling that I might have been given a message to pay attention to something in the news that might be "buried" and it was important.
Thanks TB. Good to see dreamers posting again.