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Full Version: Open society in Russia?
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I dreamt I was staying in a multi-bedroom apartment in Russia with other Americans.  A young American woman wanted to get an apartment in Russia.  I suggested one of the bedrooms, but she wanted to be near young people.  So I suggested one of the newer high-rise apartment buildings.  The scene shifted outdoors near a marsh next to town.  I was doing some birdwatching.  There were some large birds, like ducks and geese flying by.  I watched an old truck with wooden-slat siding drive through the marsh.  There was a crowd of people around.  An American media person/scientist (like NBC and National Geographic combined) was leading a tour, and offering tickets for a birdwatching tour on a boat the next day.   There were quite a few Americans in the group, including people from my hometown, a small city in the Midwest.  I asked for a ticket, but had trouble writing my name on the ticket, as I was flying home the next day and would not be able to join the tour.  I was just visiting, not living there.

When I woke up, I was surprised to be in Russia, and even more surprised by the number of ordinary Americans (like from my hometown) travelling and living in Russia, like it was suddenly an open society for Americans to move around in.  In other words, Americans were moving freely about, with no one following them or monitoring them.

I have been reading the Handbook for the New Paradigm series of books.  In these books, there is the idea that if we desire a better future, we only need to focus on the better future, rather than resist the current situation.  Resistance does not work.  Holding a vision of what we desire is the key.  So this dream seems to be an example of what could be envisioned.