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Full Version: Walk-about, 12.2.17 am
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Walk-about, multiple dreams, 12.2.17 am

Had multiple walk-about dreams through the night. Feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been walk-about.

Scene 1. I am walking in what feels like a library. The lights are dim so I am wondering if they are closed. I see people behind a desk. I walk over and ask a woman if the library is closed. She just stares at me with a startled look on her face. I say, I am asking if you are closed because the lights are dim. She continues to look at me with a confused look on her face. She then says, no we are not closed. I look at the woman and say, “oh I understand, I’m dreaming, that’s why the light is dim”. I smile and think, it’s walk-about time, oh this will be fun.

Scene 2. I am in an expensive looking department store. I’m standing in front of a display case of watches. I’m looking at designer watches and clocks thinking about how pretty everything is. Even though none of this jewelry is my style, it’s still fun to look at it.

Scene 3. Visit with my Grandmother (she is deceased). Lots of details too long to post.

Scene 4. I’m in the presence of a man that I knew a long time ago and have not seen in about 10 years. He is intoxicated and wants to leave where he is. I tell him no you cannot leave because you are intoxicated. He argues with me and I say no, you are not leaving, you are going to sleep this off. He goes to sleep arguing with me. He is not a happy camper with me. I ignore his protests and don’t care what he thinks about me. I stay near him so if he tries to leave I can stop him.

Awake time. I wake and think, that sure was a long walk-about last night. I close my eyes and see the letters “NYTRACKSUB”. I open my eyes wondering what that is about. I close my eyes again a few minutes later and see the letters “bnik #6”. I’m not positive about the 6, it could have been a 7.
Very interesting! "bnik" held up to a mirror looks like "kind" with a backwards K.
NY Track Sub? hmm. Sounds like a directive. Wonder if a sub is rouge ?