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Full Version: Protecting JFK and Jackie
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5 Dec 2017
No intention set

Standing off to the side in what looks like a large cafeteria(tables, food trays, etc). There's a hubbub at the main entry and in comes JFK and Jackie Kennedy, loosely surrounded by the Secret Service detail. They're greeting people, shaking hands, and slowly making their way through the cafeteria. Suddenly something happens, I don't see what, but it causes complete chaos. I push through the crowd towards the president's party. A Secret Service agent spies me, nudges another agent. They separate enough to let me through. The first agents says, Thank God you're here. I tell them I'll take the president and first lady to safety, with one agent to bring up the rear, and let them know where to retrieve them. The second agent nods and falls in with me.

Jump to the four of us are hauling butt up the side of a heavily forested mountain. I'm wearing my hiking backpack, hiking clothes, and carrying a rifle. Behind me are JFK and Jackie, now in hiking gear. The agent, still in his suit, brings up the rear. We stop for a quick breather. JFK comments that he never imagined a woman as an agent. I keep my attention on the terrain, watching and listening for any signs of pursuit, but tell him I'm not an agent. The Secret Service agent adds, She's known but not affiliated with any agency. I hold up my hand, listening. I hear the faint sounds of helicopters approaching. I tell the others we have to get to cover fast, that there's a small rock overhang that will allow us to hide from the helicopters.

Then we're at the rocks. The boulder juts out so much the opening beneath is like a small cave. The agent and I put JFK and Jackie in the back and we hunker down at the opening, weapons ready. The agent says he doesn't have enough ammunition for a gun fight. I reach into a section of my backpack and pull out a box of ammo that will work in his weapon. Then I pull out another box with ammo for my rifle. The agent blinks, then says he heard I was always prepared for anything. Yeah, I tell him, I don't like being caught off guard. We settle down to wait for anyone who might approach our position. JFK crawls up and asks if there's anything he can do. I unholster my sidearm and hand it to him, along with a couple loaded magazines, asking if he knows how to use one of these. He says he does. Good, I tell him, because we need all hands on deck. He laughs and says it's been years since he heard that phrase.

My first thought on waking was JFK? Why JFK? Of all the presidents, why him?

And I do like to be prepared for any contingency. Big Grin

No clue what the threat was, other than JFK was the target.
Hummm. Curious about if you will have anymore dreams concerning presidents. My first thought when I read this was: this is serious.
It struck me as serious, too. And something just occurred to me, as to why JFK: He was the president who was assassinated in my lifetime, as opposed to Lincoln(WAY WAY before my time) or the other presidents from my lifetime who died in their old age.
Feels like the presidency is in danger. JFK was an ideal president. So importance of message conveyed through him.
2 thought struck me when reading this. 1. Assassination. First it was JFK and his wife that you were rescuing. When I think of the assassination of JFK, I always think of Jackie as well. Her image is burnt into my mind just as his. The second thing I think of is America. He was loved and respected around the world. People in many countries around the world had pictures of him in their homes. He WAS America to many. So could this represent an attack on the US or an assassination of an important gov. official? Also, it doesn't seem like people are prepared (except you), though that my just be part of how you dream.