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Full Version: Evil Couple
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I had this dream early this morning. For some reason, I had lost everything and my children and I were living with this couple. The man was average, brown hair, thin and kinda nerdy looking... the woman was heavy set, had a lip piercing and well dressed. I had gone into a room to talk to them about something. They had a furnace built into the wall of this room and were filling it up with trash and junk mail to burn up. When I started to talk to them, I noticed my journal in the furnace. I got extremely upset because I love this journal. I quickly snatched my journal out and began crying, asking why they would go into my room and take something so personal and important from me to burn it... then went on to tell then that I had ONLY written good things about them in it... thinking that maybe they assumed I had written bad things about them there. The woman said she knew I had only written good things about them, which made it more confusing as to why they would take this thing to burn.

I noticed a small box in the furnace with my name on it that said "Safty Link", which I *think* is like a government assistance cell phone and got even more upset because I NEEDED a phone to get a job so I could find a new place to live. I yank that out as well asking why they would steal something so important from me. The woman just shrugged and didn't seem too upset about it. I then noticed that maybe 50% of the stuff in there or more is mine. There was an onyx and diamond necklace and earring set that someone who once loved me had sent (no idea who that was, just that they loved me) ... along with lots of letters and other gifts from people who I thought had forgotten about me long ago. I was so upset and irate I was shaking and crying and asking over and over again WHY they would do this. The woman, now looking very annoyed at me, just said she didn't know why and that she just did it... so I think to myself that these poor people have some sort of disorder and are maybe kleptomaniacs or something.

Around this time another well dressed heavy-set woman walks in and identifies herself as a lawyer. This man and woman were in trouble for something and were going to have to go to court soon, but I didn't catch why. Just that there was a possibility of prison, so it must have been pretty bad, whatever it was. They were quite rude to the lawyer trying to help them and I was still very upset so I left out with all of my things to my room. I could hear a good bit of arguing and when the lawyer left out of the room, I called her over to my room and shut the door to talk to her. I wanted to know if I could do anything about these people stealing my things and trying to prevent me from getting a job or the help I needed to get back on my feet and leave... but before the lawyer could respond, we could hear the woman and her husband leaving out of the room shouting that they were leaving the house and would "cut down" anyone between them and the front door to include me and the lawyer. So I grabbed one of my shotguns from the closet and asked the lawyer if she knew how to use it. She nodded. Thinking the gun was unloaded, I went back to the closet and had to climb up to a high shelf to pull out a box of ammo I had hidden. I got out two shells that looked a lot like AA Batteries. I was confused as to how to put them in, but she helped me load them, positive end forward. I didn't feel like I had time to load another gun, so I grabbed a long, decorative katana I had and we both left out of the room together.

There was a long hall that lead into the living room... and I realized that it was very quiet. My children were living there with me, but I no longer heard them... as I made my way down the hall... I could see my oldest son's legs and feet laying on the floor in the living room at the end of the hall. They had been separated from the rest of his body. I realized that this couple had killed my children... and had feelings of anger and despair wash over me. I couldn't bear to see what was in the living room, so I closed my eyes as I passed through. In the next room, this woman and her husband were preparing to leave. Neither seemed bothered by the fact they had just slaughtered innocent children. They just radiated evil and coldness. I realized I was alone and the lawyer was no longer with me. The woman turned to me and smiled before raising her hand with a knife in it, and I struck her in the face with the sword. Then her husband turned with a knife also and I struck him on the neck. The woman was on her back kicking herself towards me, thrusting her knife at me while giving me details about how she killed my children and how much pleasure she took in it. So I struck her in the face with the sword again and again, hoping to kill her. But each time I struck her, I struck her in the mouth which would grow bigger and wider. With each strike she would get another row of teeth in her mouth and her face would become more and more demonic and sinister with rows of teeth like some sort of demon from a horror film. I stuck her with the intent of killing her until I knew somehow that one more strike would break her head in half and she would die... and decided then that death would be an "easy out" for her. By leaving her alive, she would have to suffer the consequences of what she had done and would have to live with looking like the demon she was. She seemed unable to attack me at this point and I fell to my knees and crawled to a corner of the room to cry until the police could show up and take care of things.

Needless to say, I woke up feeling very upset and emotionally drained.
Always good to see your dream life is still vivid and action-packed!
(12-07-2017, 08:53 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Always good to see your dream life is still vivid and action-packed!

Lol! Well, that's one way to look at it.
Wow! I am sorry you had this dream.