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Full Version: The I-Don't-Like-You Gift
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I can't remember what all was going on in this dream, just that I was being forced to give someone I didn't care for a gift. In fact, for some reason, EVERYONE was being forced to give someone they didn't care for a gift and I thought it was very unfair. Nice people were having to gift these just terrible people very expensive cars and watches and all kinds of things and I couldn't figure it out, because I felt there were much more deserving people in the world like those starving or homeless that were, in spite of things, kind people. The people receiving the gifts seemed just really mean, lazy, unappreciative, and sometimes even hateful people. So, I decided I wasn't going to be doing this.

I didn't seem to have a choice when it came to not giving a gift at all, so after thinking about it, I decided home made was best. I went to work constructing a guitar made entirely of pizza crusts. Not the good stuffed crust either, the gross crunchy kind with no taste. I just sort of laughed to myself as I worked adding detail to the guitar. When the body of the guitar was finished, I decided to add 6 thick carrot ends right in the middle in two rows of three. They were still kinda dirty and sprouting slightly. I weirdly got a lot of joy in crafting this terrible gift knowing it was for a terrible person, though I can't recall who, exactly.

I woke up from this dream laughing, which was nice since most of my dreams lately haven't been too pleasant.
Too funny!
I love it!!
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