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Full Version: Dream of a Giant Man (12/7/17)
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I dreamed that a man who I knew to be a Freemason called me on the phone and confessed to knowing who I was in my former life. He seemed very nervous, and that he was speaking quietly and close to the phone.

The next thing I recall was coming home and seeing my bathroom empty and clean. I became enraged at my mother when she came into the room, knowing full well that she was going to force me to clean the rest of my bedroom. For some reason, my mother had one brown eye. She came into my room, sat down next to me and tried to calm me down.
At that moment, the dream transitioned rather suddenly to where I was standing in the middle of some kind of an arena with three other people; including a giant man. The very tall man was under attack by an army of children with laser guns. The number of children increased twofold, and the two people (a man and woman), who were in charge of whatever was happening to this man, were worried that they would be too many for him to take on. Instead of killing him, the children suddenly became enamored with him; as if they were thrilled to see someone as tall as he was. He began interacting with the children in a very avuncular way. I recall him saying that his name was “Phoenix Musterhausen.” Part of me recognized this name as an allusion to the character of “Simon Phoenix” in “Demolition Man.”

After that, me and these three other people ended up inside of what I believe to be either a gift shop, a restaurant, or both. I was seated next to him, and the two other people were sitting in front of us. Somehow, it came up in conversation that me and this very tall man were the same person, and the man of two suggested a “split incarnation.” I also recall the three of them being amused at the fact that the tall man and I were leaning on the table the exact same way. We may have been wearing the same clothes, as well, but I’m not sure.  The features of our faces also came up in conversation. The woman, who was seated across from me, remarked that she had a fish face (or something of that nature) and it suddenly became clear that she had an upturned mouth and an oddly small chin. I said that I had a round or square face, and none of the people denied or confirmed that.

The tall man seemed “sturdy” in his build, and was dressed very modestly in a cargo coat and a plaid shirt. The features of his face were coarse but pleasant and he looked as though he was between 35 and 50 years in age. He had golden-brown hair and was Caucasian. I do not recall seeing his eyes, but they may have been dark blue. There was something to his disposition that suggested that he was physically tired or unwell. He may have mentioned having acromegaly. When asked about his height, he hesitated and said that he was 7’5”. He told the woman who asked him about his height that he ran marathons, “the new ones, not the old ones.” After everyone got up, we went our separate ways, and the tall man went to work with his “crew.” I do not know what his occupation was. My interpretation of this dream was that I was meeting myself in my next life.

Has anyone else dreamed of giants lately?
I haven't dreamed of giants lately, but a couple of years ago, I had the most vivid dream about alien giants.
I had several dreams years ago about, both a man with fish lips AND a tall man, separate dreams. The dream about the man who had FISH lips was in December 2012. He was sitting at his desk and talking to himself, although, I could not HEAR what he was saying in the dream. So, because I could not hear him, I asked my brother for some information on this guy. There also was a woman who wanted to seduce this guy, as well as an African American man, who was at a place because of an emergency, like homeless. Anyway, I think both the FISH and unable to HEAR this man is metaphorically, that something is, "FISHY" & I could not HEAR, like I was not suppose to hear him. I did also have a dream of a TALL man once or twice, who somewhat resembles the TALL man in your dream. I am not for sure of the year of this dream, but it may be in May or June? He was alone and sitting in a dark room with only a computer on. He was inputting numbers on a website. I also do not know his occupation.