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Full Version: Government Aliens
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I can't remember a lot of this dream, just that I was sitting in some sort of lecture in a huge room of people. There was a man on a stage talking about how the government was being influenced and controlled by aliens. Not just the United States either... but ALL governments. And not by good aliens, but by bad ones. Something about aliens offering intelligence as a gift, but it wasn't a gift and they had ulterior motives for this that would soon be exposed. Bad, bad motives. He said that since the "wakening" these bad aliens were out and about more often... but most people are too preoccupied to notice them. Between busier lifestyles and distractions like TV and video games, the aliens were more free to just float around unnoticed. But I can't remember much else because in the room full of people there, I suddenly noticed someone I knew and hadn't seen for years and was going to move closer to them, but they got up and left the room. I tried to follow them, but when I got out of the room I couldn't find them and I woke up.
The movie They Live was number 1 for two weeks in a row and then suddenly disappeared off the screens for some mysterious reason....must be the truth.