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Full Version: Suicide Squad
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14 December 2017
No intention set

I'm with a group of people, about a half dozen. I don't know them except for the blonde man who seems to be with me. Somehow I know we're called the "Suicide Squad," like the movie or comic, because we have certain skills and abilities that unknown people want. We're on the run, literally, barely ahead of the pursuers. There's no fear, no panic, but an urgency to get to safety. The blonde man has my hand and he's leading me and the others down a nondescript corridor that's dimly lit, as if by emergency lighting. We're running, running, running, down this long corridor. We have to get to the safe room, the blonde man tells us. I ask where the safe room is. Down, he tells me. If they get in here, we can at least get into the safe room. Behind us, there's a big boom as if an explosion. So much for this being a fortress of solitude, I say. The blonde man picks up his pace. He's running so fast now that he's dragging me along because I can't keep up with him. We reach a stairwell. The others push by me and head down the stairs. The blonde man starts down. I dig in my heels and say, Wait. We need to go up, not down. Everyone stops and looks up at me. Blonde man says, What do you mean? I say, If we go down, we'll be trapped. No way out. We need to go up and out. There are escape pods up there, we'll be able to get away. But they'll have us if we go down. Blonde man glances at the others and says, We go up. The others don't argue, they just start racing up the stairs. From behind us we hear another explosion. The pursuers are getting closer. Blonde man grabs me and proceeds to charge up the stairs. You better hope you're right, he throws over his shoulder. Then I woke.

I have no idea why we were called the Suicide Squad but that doesn't sound very encouraging to me. And no way in hell would I wear those dorky little hot pants and stiletto heeled boots anywhere, let alone into battle. Big Grin

When I thought about the down vs. up, I was reminded of the movie "Inception," where the characters described going down as going further into the subconscious and going up was to go towards consciousness. I think that's what was happening here. I knew on some level that going down was the wrong direction, that we needed to go up. Freedom was up, not down.
Good that they listened to you. Do you remember if the whole scene has a post apocalyptic feel to it?
No, no apocalyptic feel to the dream at all.
I would totally be afraid of you in stilletto boots. I’m sure they would be a weapon, not high fashion. Big Grin
Most likely. And I would be in a foul mood because I dislike wearing even low heels. . Big Grin