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Full Version: The Amish Don’t Get Sick
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It’s nightfall, and I’ve just called my boyfriend and let him know I’m stopping at the grocery store before I come home. It seems real busy, and a huge crowd pushes me through the door. Crap! I think to myself, it’s Amish Night, and I’ll have to deal with the large crowds. There are Amish people everywhere, but everyone is very amiable, there’s no shoving or pushing, just a lot of laughter.

Once inside, it’s more like a conference of people instead of a store. Each room has a different family group doing different tasks. I walk into one room, and start sneezing. I’ve been sick and sneezing a LOT, and my nose starts to run. There seems to be no Kleenex or paper towels anywhere, and I ask a woman if she can spare some. She smiles and says that she would be honored to share, but makes no move to get anything. My dripping nose is getting to be messy, and I ask her isn’t she afraid of getting sick from me? I can see out a large sliding door, and there are a bunch of women and children outside in the sunshine (it was dark when I went in).

She laughs and says that they don’t get sick like we do, because they live clean. I’m beginning to think she’s right.