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Full Version: 18th Century Ravens
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I had a dream last night that was vivid, and graffic, even more vivid than the usual dreams that I have. And I have to say this dream set me back a little.

In the dream,  I was a younger version of myself,  walking down a known street.  I looked skyward and saw two RAVENS circling above me as I walked.  The Ravens had 18th century top hats, spectacles, and long wool coats as worn by politicians of that time period. The ravens began to dive on me, on a continual frontal attack.  Constantly attacking my lower abdomen, the ravens sunk their talons into my body. I  could feel the blood and pain. The ravens peered through their rounded spectacles, eye level with me. I couldn't stop the attack until I started dismantling the ravens by braking and ripping their legs.  I pulled each of their broken talons from around my testicles, feeling the pain and blood as I removed each one.  I walked into my aunt's house, with blood covering my hands I began to wash-up in the basement wash tub.  I could hear my long deceased uncle approaching and being sceptical that the attack could have been that bad. As he came along side me, saw how blooded I was, withdrew, stating  "Maybe the attack was that bad."  
The dream ended.
You need some psychic protection.
I had a dream last night of a deceased grandmother. After reading your dream it made wonder what our loved ones are trying to tell us.
Raven has been in our dreamt runs lately. I wonder why so many are dreaming of ravens. Thanks for posting this because it seems to validate a theme.