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Full Version: Mexico orphanage dream, 1.12.2018 am
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Dreamed I am traveling with a woman to Mexico. I am driving a car and the car runs out of gas. I tell the woman we'll have to push the car to the gas station or go the gas station and hope they have a gas container. I notice the gas station is at the bottom of the hill so I tell her we will coast down to the gas station. We get to the gas station and I am happy I didn't have to walk.

Next scene we walk into what looks like a school and I see men dressed in robes like monks and a few woman have nun looking clothes on. We walk into a small area that has an alter and I notice everyone lined up saying prayers. I get in line next to one of the monks. I noticed the woman that was with me taking her coat off and I notice she is wearing the same clothes at the other nuns there.

After prayer time, I turn around and see lots of children. Then I realize that this is an orphanage. Some of the children come over to talk with me. I ask if they like it here and they said yes, we have school and work on the farm too. The farm provides food for the orphanage. I look at one of the monks and he says, yes the children learn Spanish and English. They also learn at the farm how to provide for themselves. I looked at the children and they were all smiling and look healthy on a physical and Spiritual level. This is such a wonderful place that I think about staying and working here. End of Dream.

Afterthought: Not sure why I posted, just know that I needed to post here.