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Full Version: New house
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I was moving into a new house- it looked like it was smaller than my current house. It also appeared to be in a drier climate- I got the impression that it was an adobe house. The previous owners lefts tons of stuff behind. I was going through drawers and all the nooks and crannies looking at some items that were obviously very old. There was an old pistol in a box. There was a tiny ladies' wristwatch in a box and it said "1928" on the dial and it was still ticking. There was a seating area that was attached to the wall that was lined with bed pillows and they all had yellow pillowcases on them. I asked my mother "What do you think we should do with these? Throw them away?" And then I said "No, we can wash them and give them to charity." Then I started putting all the stuff in boxes.

Dreamed 1/19/2018