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Full Version: One I didn't get to post here.
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Hi All,
      I posted this back on december 4th last year on another website as I was meant to post it here to but had been side tracked by life issues at the time. So as it is a confirmed I thought I'd post it.

posted on Dec, 4 2017 @ 02:13 AM

Hi ATS, it's been a while but I'm still around...

Things have changed though, as I develop my abilities my DB's have also changed... I no longer have to sleep or be in REM to get them and they work in a similar fashion when wishing to intentionally look forward into a chosen subject.

My latest offering: I saw the Whitehouse and then Trump, his face was covered in soot... tears on his left eye had washed away some of the soot. Wether or not it's metaphoric??? I don't know but there it is.

Trump Tower Blaze