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Full Version: Nuclear holocaust
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25 Jan 2018
No intention set

This was just a quick glimpse as I was waking.

Aerial view, like from a drone, over a devastated city. I watch as the view moves above what's left of the city. No buildings standing, just bits of walls. Burned out vehicles scattered about. Fires burning here and there. No signs of life at all. Complete silence. Everything is gray from the dust and ash in the air. The devastation ranges as far as I can see. There's no way to identify what city this was beyond it was big, like Seattle or LA, but I did get a feel it was on the west coast and I knew it was the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Then I woke.
Yikes! Ever have a happy fun dream? One where you are relaxing...Big Grin
Once in a while. Such is the path of a messenger. A lot of times we're harbingers.
And they’ve just set the doomsday clock to 2 minutes til midnight. Not good.
I had a repeat dream of us army helicopters firing on our own citizens after they trying to flee California on foot after earthquake and tsunami destruction leaves in shambles.