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Full Version: Big Wind
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I and others were taking shelter in a house from expected moderate winds. As the time appoarched, we stood by the windows watching the the tree-tops bend in the winds. As the winds increased, the pine tree branches began to break, and snow on the ground began to lifted into the air causing nearly white-out conditions. Suddenly, a vortex super hot air instantaneous melts the snow and combust trees and debris in the air. Just as quickly the wind gains in strength; as houses lose their roofs, and the wind strips them of their bricks. The group was not expecting nor prepared for this type of storm (event). The winds continued to increase, stripping cars of their boby parts and eventually lifting them into the air. Finally, the bricks street surface begins to lift and tear away with the sound as if someone is ripping paper. Everything becomes an airborne missile within moments. It became evident to the group the they were not going survive the event unless the winds deceased immediately. At the same time, I could feel a sense of honor to be able to be present to witness the event, even if it was the last thing they see. The ends.
Interesting. A few nights ago, I dreamed of an intense wind that didn't last long but flattened everything. I was walking along a dirt road out in the country when the wind came. I saw it coming. It blew all around me but didn't affect me.
Sorry for all the grammar mistakes in my writing. I was short on sleep, it was typed out and submit twice, not a good night nor a restfully one. "DLP" thanks for responding, it helps to know that possibly that I may not be in leftfield here. All I can add is that awoke a the conclusion of the dream and it was vivid.
The one possibility for winds that destroy everything, and I'm not thinking of weather phenomena like tornadoes or hurricanes, is the winds that are generated in a nuclear blast.

Footage of a nuclear blast, from 1955:
I wasn't thinking nuclear blast, it really wasn't clear in the dream what caused the winds. As an after thought, I thought possibly a meteor or volcano. But now that you have mentioned it, a nuclear blast would make much more sense! More fitting with the scenes from my dream....
hmmm. Some overlap with this recent dream maybe. Mostly the snow melting quickly.