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Full Version: Osbourne family dream, 2.3.2018
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Start of dream: I am riding in a car with Ozzy, Sharon and Jack Osbourne. The car looks like a 1960’s hatchback style compact car, red in color. Ozzy and Jack are in the front seats and I am riding in the back seat with Sharon.

Then we are sitting in what looks like a waiting room, but it is styled like a comfortable living room. Ozzy is pacing and he is thinking about packing equipment for a concert. Sharon is sitting in a chair and she is smiling and thinking, “Everything is going to be fine, we just need to think positive”. She looks at Jack and wishes she could transfer that positive thinking to him. She wants to take away his worry and give him a calm spirit. Jack is sitting on a sofa and he looks worried/concerned. His thoughts are too many for me to read.

I looked at Sharon and made a comment about the thoughts Ozzy is having about packing equipment for a concert. She says, yes he has really good people to take care of his equipment for the concerts. I then see a scene of 3 or 4 people loading music related equipment in a van truck. They are all happy people. Ozzy is watching them and has a thankful spirit.

I then make a comment about Ozzy and Jack’s TV show and how much I liked the scenes with the doll Robert.  Sharon said, uh yes good. She is looking a Jack and not paying attention to what I am saying.  

I look to my left and see a group of adults and children walking in the front door. I listen and watch for a few minutes and understand that these people are families with disabled children. They are meeting here for a bar-b-que. I focus in on two of the children. I see that their legs between the knee and the foot is twisted. I ask someone, were the born that way? I am told, no they were born with their feet facing in the wrong direction. Their legs had to be twisted so the feet will face the correct direction.  I am thinking, this is not right, I wonder why they didn’t just do surgery and cut off the feet and sew them back on in the right direction.

I looked at the Osbourne’s and they don’t act like they see these people. They are in the same space but the two groups, the Osbourne’s and the bar-b-que families can’t see each other. So I think ok, I’ll just walk around and try to understand what is happening here. At the same time I keep an eye on the Osbourne’s because they are my ride home. And I am getting hungry and wonder if they plan on having lunch soon.

I walk over to the families, look outside and see some people on a patio. I look to the right and see a woman sitting at a table opening a duffle bag. I ask her, what are you doing? She looks at me, smiles and says, med’s. She is putting a liquid in a syringe without a needle. She said, here handing me the syringe. I took it and the liquid dripped out. I said, sorry. She said, that’s ok and took it back and filled it again. She gave it back to me saying, hold it up like this. I held it saying, now what? She said, you can give it to him and she pointed to one of the children with the twisted legs. He did not look like a happy camper. He opened his mouth and I squirted the meds in his mouth. I turned back to the woman and she said, yes it does take time to keep all the med’s in order. I looked down and noticed each family had their own duffle bag with supplies and med’s they needed for the children. I said, I am concerned about the children with the twisted legs, was that the only way to fix them? She said, yes and med’s keep them comfortable. I look at the woman and the children and think something is not right here.

I then think about how long I’ve been here and it must be time to leave soon. I focus in on the Osbourne's and see that they have moved to a different area near the waiting room. I need to leave for a few minutes but don’t want to lose sight of them.  I think, well I do need to leave, but I’ll be back in a few minutes. I leave and when I get back, I see the Osbourne’s driving off in the little compact car. I think, oh noooo, I’ll have to hurry to catch up with them.

I’m on foot with no vehicle. I accelerate my walking and still cannot catch up to their car. I look around and see that I’m in a neighborhood with lots of beautiful landscaping. I then find myself at an intersection in the road. I look to my right and see a directional sign. It’s not a street sign, it’s a sign with names of restaurants, hotels and offices. To my right there is a restaurant. I think, ok maybe they will stop to eat so I will check all the restaurants in this area. I turn left and walk/fly a ways, then realize I am not in a nice area anymore.
I turn around and when I am back in the nice area, I stop and wonder if I should call an Uber. How am I going to call Uber when I don’t know where I am? I have a phone so I ask what is my location and it tells me I am in (I can’t remember the name of the town) Florida. I think, OMG how am I going to get home from Florida? I go into panic mode at this point. I’m in Florida, I can’t take an Uber back to Louisiana! I am going to have to find a bus station or find the Osborn’s! As my panic is reaching a high level, I wake up, take a deep breath and have a very profound sense of relief knowing I was only dreaming.

Afterthoughts: I am not an Osbourne fan. I don’t like all the cussing they do. The type of music Ozzy did/does play is all too dark for my Lightsoul self.  I do watch their TV show, Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, because I like seeing the places they visit and there are funny scenes and the cuss words are bleeped out. The last time I saw the Osbourne’s on TV was for the last episode of the season which was I think over a month ago. I have no idea why I dreamed this so I’ll be putting them on my prayer list because when I think of Jack in the dream, my Spirit gets all emotional and wants to take away his worry.
Found out today why Jack was worried and his parents were not worried as much. His wife was giving birth to their third child. Baby girl born Feb 3rd @ 5:57 am.
Oh Wow cool!
I wonder if the baby was feet first. You nailed it.
Now I'd like to know the why of it all. Why do we have these these experiences with people we don't know personally? Suppose that's a question I'll be asking myself until I go home to Heaven.
Yes, considering that I saw children with leg problems, makes me wonder if it was a breech birth.

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Oh Wow cool!
I wonder if the baby was feet first. You nailed it.
One other thing I forgot to mention. When I read the article yesterday there is a picture of the baby in the article. At fist glance the babies skin has a blue tint. I thought it might be lighting. Now I'm curious if it was a birth issue that gave her a blue tint.